Yishai Fleisher

Yishai is a broadcaster, advocate, public diplomatist and a frequent columnist for major news websites including a recent oped in the NY Times. A redesign was requested for his personal blog website, showcasing his weekly contribution to the world of journalism through radio, video and articles.  

Shiri Tours

Shiri Ben Dov is an amazing Israel tour guide providing tours in 4 different languages. She requested a website that could showcase her language diversity and of course to show the tours that she provides. A gallery was added to share the tour experience with the viewer .

Mifne Physiotherapy Clinic

Mifne Physiotherapy Clinic is a well-established physiotherapy clinic in Netanya, Israel offering a large range of treatments in English, French, German and Yiddish. They required a simple website to show their clients the facilities they provide as well as the large range of services available.

Even Em

Even Em is one of the country’s largest import and marketing centre of natural stones for construction, covering, floor tiling and roofing. Architectural consultancy and professional guidance. I designed and built Even Em’s first catalogue site over 6 years ago, so 2017 was definitely time to redesign and make it responsive to all media formats. The … Read more

Dr Yael Bali

Dr Yael Bali is a veterinarian certified in several holistic complementary medicine modalities. She brings to her clinic a totally different approach than the standard veterinary clinics that we all know. This new approach is what her web site succeeds in portraying along with her deep devotion to her profession.

Majestic Neolith

Neolith Israel provides high end surfaces and solutions for architects, interior experts and designers. The beautiful and vast range of surfaces allow the architect and design industries choosing Neolith products to excel in a competitive market. The end result of the site is to show the large range of surfaces available to choose from along with … Read more