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Dr Yael Bali


Dr Yael Bali is a veterinarian certified in several holistic complementary medicine modalities. She brings to her clinic a totally different approach than the standard veterinary clinics that we all know. This new approach is what her web site succeeds in portraying along with her deep devotion to her profession.

Local PalbamClass


Palbam Class is a world class global provider of stainless steel electro-polished cleanroom furniture and cleanroom equipment. The purpose of this mini site is to cater for a more local market in the cleanroom furniture industry as opposed to the larger catalog web site that caters for a global market.

Majestic Neolith


Neolith Israel provides high end surfaces and solutions for architects, interior experts and designers. The beautiful and vast range of surfaces allow the architect and design industries choosing Neolith products to excel in a competitive market. The end result of the site is to show the large range of surfaces available to choose from along with [...]